Robert C. White

Robert C. White Chairman

As Chairman of The Daimler Group, Robert’s energy, creativity and common sense approach to business has kept the company on the cutting-edge of development for more than three decades. His ability to cultivate a highly-specialized team of experts and his leadership style make The Daimler Group recognized as a pioneer company in real estate development. Since co-founding The Daimler Group, Inc. in 1983, Bob and the rest of the Daimler staff have grown the company into one of the dominant development companies in the region, developing over 23,000,000 square feet of space with a current development value of nearly $3 billion.

Robert is involved in every phase of the development process and the management of a real estate company. He is widely recognized for his skill in crafting innovative and versatile real estate solutions to accommodate the specialized needs of clients and is as an extremely effective leader, guiding The Daimler Group to its current prominence in the industry.