Express Interior

Since our inception…

…we have been privileged to develop more square footage in Central Ohio than any other developer — a feat that we believe occurred because of our four-decade commitment to several key foundations.

  • Honor our partners first.
  • Honor their investment equally.
  • Work harder and smarter than they expect us to.
  • Invest whatever is needed in order to align interests.
  • You don’t come to The Daimler Group just because you want a Real Estate Developer or Builder.

You choose Daimler because you want the respected experts with the track record of having an owner’s mentality—valuing your dollars as if they are their own.

building exterior

We Are the Experts

The biggest asset and unrivaled strategic advantage we bring our partners is the team we’ve been fortunate to put together. We put a significant emphasis on recruiting the top talent within our field — along with having a stand-out expert for each skillset or capability our partners might ever need.

Our team averages more than a decade of tenure at Daimler—a reality that allows us to bring valuable consistency to our long-term partnerships.